About Jason

Jason has seen life on both sides. From quitting his job earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to becoming almost penniless in the pursuit of a passion. The lesson learnt – find the balance and you’ll find the happiness.

Adventure runs through the blood of his veins. From an early age of building camps and rope swings across rivers to high altitude expeditions in the Himalaya and ice climbing in the Arctic Circle. So much is learnt in the outdoors from the importance of planning to the creation of community to share experiences.

Jason Rawles

When you #GetOutside it enables a quality of life that is second to none.

You also have the pay the bills. With the right planning, understanding, and skills you can work a job and adventure. The weekends can become a playground of excitement and we have a sunset and sunrise every day that we can watch over a local lake. With the right attitude and approach anything is possible.

Llyn Padarn
“ I’m passionate about promoting adventure for everyone. Who are we to say that you have to be the fastest, or climb the highest, or do the longest, to be an adventurer. In my view, the UK has some of the most amazing outdoor environments from national parks, to walking along the coast, to mountains, hills and fells. We have it all. Why not give adventure a go?? ”
Jason Rawles

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