Product Review – Exped Downmat UL Winter M

Posted on June 20th 2017 by Jason Rawles

I’ve been using an Exped Downmat for years now. It’s so damn comfy and when their team asked if I’d formalise a review it was my delight to say YES!

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There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather…

Posted on June 20th 2017 by Jason Rawles

This famous quote by Sir Ranulph Fiennes about weather although if you do your research it goes back to Alfred Wainwright and even to Scandinavia in relation to walking in forests.

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Ordnance Survey and Ellis Brigham Workshop

Ellis Brigham Adventure Skills Workshop

Posted on May 15th 2017 by Jason Rawles

Some of you will know that I recently joined the Ellis Brigham ambassador team representing adventure. I’m very proud as they are a superb UK family brand that care about ensuring people don’t just have the right kit to support their aspirations but have skills and knowledge to improve safety and fun.

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What Is The Adventurer Club…???

Posted on May 9th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club is a platform for social good using adventure as a means for improving our collective worlds. When you join you become part of a more socially responsible movement dedicated to making things better where we have influence.

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Adventure Doesn’t Always Go To Plan

Posted on May 4th 2017 by Jason Rawles

Social media is absolutely rammed with a perfect view of life. All rosey. Beautiful people in beautiful places painting their pictures of perfection. There is some reality out there and I follow some amazing people…but…it’s a world of false perceptions. My blog about Social Responsibility eluded to this.

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