The Adventurer Club – Connect With Us

Posted on August 16th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club does (and will) be using numerous platforms to distribute content and connect our members. Below are details of what we are using at this moment and how to connect with us.

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The Adventurer Club – What Events To Expect

Posted on August 15th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club is a subscription based membership and one aspect of value is the exclusive member only events. So, what can you expect from this.

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So You Want To Have A Go At Summiting Snowdon..?

Posted on August 1st 2017 by Jason Rawles

I’ve written blogs before about planning for a climb/walk/hike to the summit of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and higher than any mountain in England and Ireland too. It’s a wonderful mountain and I absolutely love it. There are also some podcasts under The Adventurer Club umbrella to help advise.

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What’s Going On With All This Litter…

Posted on July 25th 2017 by Jason Rawles

There seems to be a massive volume of litter being thrown around and left in some beautiful places. People who’ve been involved in the world of adventure for longer than me are saying it’s at an unprecedented high.

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The Adventurer Club – Helping Families To Find Adventure

Posted on July 24th 2017 by Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club is a platform for social good while helping people to reconnect with their inner adventurer and this includes families. We want to provide information, events, support and help to ensure more people can make great decisions.

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